German Book Blog Tour: Wohnen mit Blumen

A big THANK YOU to the bloggers who are part of the Wohnen mit Blumen (Decorate With Flowers) book tour that is currently underway online. I’m thrilled to see your reviews and to know that you like the book. I’m also hoping to plan a few workshops/parties in Germany, but most likely not until the summer/fall so I can take more time off to be with our baby first. I definitely want to plan something for Hannover and Berlin! So if you want to help me or get involved, please send me an email (holly [at] decor8blog [dot] com).


Here is a round-up of our wonderful German blogger friends supporting us on this tour: Ricarda at 23qm Stil // Inga at GlomeryLane // Danny from Cozy and Cuddly // Yvonne von Fräulein Klein // Anna von AnnaSterntale // Caro von Sodapop Design // Bine von WasEigenes // Igor von Happy Interior Blog und Elodie von Madame Love. A million thanks for your love and support, you guys!!!

Also, thank you to our German publisher, Callwey Verlag, for this and this.

xo, Holly

(photos: inga from glomerylane)


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