Meet Our Amazing Freelance Team

Leslie and I both know that nothing is possible without a strong village – our village for Decorate With Flowers was mainly the team at Jacqui Small Publishing, who were committed to seeing this project through to completion and doing the best work possible. Jacqui – you’re the best! But, of course, we had more hands in the kitchen (or in this case the flower shop!) than our friends at Jacqui Small and Chronicle Books. We had a small team of freelancers who were commited to making this book gorgeous and together, we pulled it off! We’d like to introduce you to them because they deserve a shout out – they are pretty remarkable peeps!


In alphabetical order:

Thorsten Becker – Our Hannover-based photographer, who also happens to be my husband, who shot the interiors seen in my home in Hannover. Visit Thorsten on Instagram here.

Helen Bratby – Our super duper amazing book designer. We have so much love for this woman! Visit Helen online here.

Janis Nicolay – Our Vancouver-based photographer who shot all of the interiors seen in our Vancouver locations. Visit Janis online here.

Laure Joliet – Our LA-based photographer who shot all of the interiors seen in our LA and San Francisco locations. Visit Laure online here.

Sian Parkhouse – Our editor who really rocks. She helped us figure out how to organize this book and then, made our words come alive so beautifully.

Jessica Senti – Styling assistant on our Vancouver, Canada locations. She also appears as our model in the Market Style section, so look for her there! Jessy also happens to be my assistant and new ad manager for decor8. Visit Jessy online here.

Caitlin Sheehan – She modeled for us for a few photos in book – she appears in the opening image and in the closing image and looks beautiful. Her step-mom happens to be Leslie! Visit Caitlin online here.

Diane Shewring – Styling assistant on our Los Angeles locations. She’s also Leslie’s sister!

So again ladies, a big hug and huge thanks to our North American and United Kingdom freelance team – Helen, Janis, Laure, Sian, Jessica, Caitlin and Diane for your BEAUTIFUL work on this project. We couldn’t have done it without you! Okay, we could have but let’s face it, it wouldn’t have been as AWESOME. So thanks bunches.

Leslie’s little daughter, Sienna, also appears in the book and was an important part of this book, too. Did you spot her? Hint: She’s holding a bunch of flowers in a garden scene shot outdoors…


Holly + Leslie

(photo of Jessy and Leslie shot by Janis Nicolay)


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  1. ac
    April 10, 2014 at 1:03 pm (3 years ago)

    Love seeing the pictures of the artists at work styling the table. Thanks for sharing.

    • matali
      April 11, 2014 at 4:37 pm (3 years ago)

      What a beautiful picture!
      Would like to join you!


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