Here are some of the press mentions and blog reviews received for Decorate With Flowers. If you’ve written about us and you don’t see your review below, please contact Jessica Senti (jessy [at] decor8blog [dot] com) so we can link it here. Thank you for your support!

February 2014 Homemaker, issue 16 (UK): Cover and page 9
March 2014: Grazia (DE): Featured on page 105
March 2014: Good Homes (UK): “Pretty Perfect” interview and tips from Leslie and Holly, pages 45-48
March 2014: Heart Home (UK): Our DIY projects from book featured on pages 34-37
March 2014: Red Magazine (UK): Decorating With Flowers
March 2014: Red Magazine (UK): How to Make Chalky Pastel Jam Jar Vases
March 2014: Schoener Wohnen (DE): Wohnen mit Blumen, Tipp des Tages
March 29, 2014: Freie Presse: Ein Blumenstrauß und mehr für daheim
April 2014: Homemaker, issue 17 (UK): “Neutral But Nice” pages 101-102
March/April 2014: Fresh Style (USA): “Style By The Numbers” feature on pages 75-82
March/April 2014: Your London Wedding (UK): New Releases page 15
Spring 2014: Gatherings (US): Review on pages 14-15
Spring 2014: Lust auf Dekorieren (DE): Cover and “Ideen reichtum” pages 55-59
Spring 2014: Making (UK): “Q&A Holly Becker and Leslie Shewring” pages 68-71
April 2014: InStyle (US): Make It Yourself, Liberty Print Flower Pots
April 2014: Couch (DE): “Durch Die Blume” pages 76-80
April 2014: Donna (DE): “Hier blühen Blumen richtig auf” page 156
April 2014: Living North (UK): “Joy of Text” page 57
April 2014: Maxima (AT): “Flower Me Happy” pages 112-116 and “Wohnen bei Holly Becker” page 111
April 2014: Mollie Makes, issue 38 (UK): Introducing The Latest In Creative Goodness: Decorate With Flowers page 9
May 2014: Style At Home (UK): Decorate With Flowers page 28-29
May 2014: Good Housekeeping (US): A New, Adorable Way to Reuse Tea Tins
May 2014: Bild der Frau (DE) Wohnen mit Blumen: Frühlingshafte Bastelideen
May/June 2014: LandGenuss (DE): Dekotipps mit Blumen Jetzt wird es bunt pages 104-107
Issue 40: Mollie Makes (UK): Insert: “Summer Homestyle”, “Sprayed Vases” p.20, “Jars Full of Sunshine” pp38-41, “Sweet Bouquet” pp47-49
Issue 6: Moyo (UK): “Decorate With Flowers” pages 60-65
Summer 2014: Sweet Paul (US): “Decorate With Flowers – Get some colors and fun in your life with flowers!” page 46
Summer 2014: Domino (US): “Flower Power” page 37
Summer 2014: Sweet Living (DE): “Blumeninspiration” pages 20-23
June 2014: Style At Home (CA): “Floral Feast” pages 62-66

February 28, 2014: Apartment Therapy: 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner (with book mention)
March 5, 2014: Ohhh Mhhh, Book Review of Wohnen mit Blumen (German)
March 5, 2014: The Buzz, Book Report: Decorate With Flowers
March 10, 2014: Flowerona, Interview with Leslie Shewring
March 10, 2014: Flowerona, Interview with Holly Becker
March 11, 2014: Tara Hurst: Creative Q + A with Leslie Shewring
March 11, 2014: Trend Daily, Book Review of Decorate With Flowers
March 12, 2014: Curate + Display, Decorate With Flowers Book Review
March 13, 2014: Sania Pell, New Book Decorate With Flowers
March 13, 2014: Little Green Shed: Decorate With Flowers Book Review
March 13, 2014: 23qm Stil: wohnen mit blumen und eine idee, die mich für ein bald anstehendes fest inspiriert hat! (German)
March 13, 2014: Glomerylane: Buchvorstellung: Wohnen mit Blumen (German)
March 14, 2014: Startup Wife: Decorate with Flowers by Holly Becker & Leslie Shewring
March 14, 2014: Cozy and Cuddly, Buchliebe: “Wohnen mit Blumen” – Das neue Buch von Holly Becker und Leslie Shewring (German)
March 14, 2014: Fabric of my Life: Fanciful Florals
March 14, 2014: Living Colour Style, Decorate With Flowers book review: Friday Flowers
March 14, 2014: The Women’s Room, Flowers For Mothers Day
March 17, 2014: Heart Home magazine blog: Win A Copy Of Decorate With Flowers
March 17, 2014: Anna Sterntaler: Sterntaler… und Wohnen mit Blumen
March 18, 2014: Lobster & Swan: Book review
March 19, 2014: Bodie and Fou: Inspiring Book (review)
March 21, 2014: Happy Interior Blog: Book review
March 21, 2014: The Design Sheppard: Book review
March 23, 2014: Luzia Pimpinella: Book Love: wohnen mit blumen, da freuen sich meine vintage vasen gleich mit! (German)
March 23, 2014: Ullatrulla Back und Bastelt: Book review (German)
March 23, 2014: Azurweiss: Book review (German)
March 24, 2014: Flower Rona: Book review
March 24, 2014: Madame Love: Book review and giveaway
March 27, 2014: Design Love Fest: Giveaway – Holly + Chronicle Books
March 31, 2014: Leaves and Butterflies: Frische Anregungen aus dem Bücherregal (German)
March 31, 2014: I Heart Fashion: Book review
April 1, 2014: Design Hunter: Currently Reading – Decorate With Flowers
April 2, 2014: Blumen Bilder: Wohnen mit Blumen: Überraschend Informativ Inspirierend (German)
April 6, 2014: Image Daily: Floral Fancy
April 6, 2014: East London Craft Guerrilla: Decorate With Flowers Review
April 7, 2014: Augenpralinen: Buch des Monats: Wohnen mit Blumen (German)
April 8, 2014: Lamandia: Wohnen mit Blumen Buchvorstellung + Verlosung! (German)
April 8, 2014: Oh Joy! Decorate With Flowers
April 9, 2014: Traveling Mama: On My Bookshelf: Decorate With Flowers
April 9, 2014: Pinecone Camp: Decorate With Flowers: Behind The Scenes
April 13, 2014: PoppyTalk: Sunday Reading: Decorate With Flowers
April 15, 2014: Sweet Violet Bride: Book Review + Giveaway: Decorate with Flowers
April 22, 2014: Belle Amour: Beautiful book review : Decorate with Flowers
April 22, 2014: Toc Toc Vintage: Lecturas Deco (Spanish)
April 23, 2014: Patchwork Harmony: Top Summer Reads, Interior Books
April 25, 2014: The Planned Adventure: Book Review: Decorate with Flowers
April 29, 2014: Good Times + Boogie: Wohnen mit Blumen (German)
May 14, 2014: Better Homes + Gardens: Chalky Pastel Jam Jars + Decorate With Flowers Book Giveaway!
May 21, 2014: Style by Emily Henderson: New Design Books I’m Loving
June 2, 2014: Of Spring and Summer: Book Review: Decorate With Flowers

March 13, 2014: Sania Pell, Video flip through of Decorate With Flowers
March 10, 2014: Caroline Davis/Trend Daily showing our book

Callwey Verlag: Wohnen mit Blumen Overview (German)
Callwey Verlag: Author Interview in German: Holly Becker
Callwey Verlag: Wohnen mit Blumen (German)
Chronicle Books: A Festoon of Flowers